Call For Papers

Submissions are closed!

Causal Analytics for Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (CABB) is requesting papers! CABB is a workshop at IEEE BIBM 2019, and will be occurring on Nov 21 in San Diego, California. Papers must be submitted to the workshop through our online portal.

CABB will promote the application of causal discovery and related methods in bioinformatics and biomedicine, identify challenges in bioinformatics and biomedicine that require the development of new causally informed algorithms, guide the field of causal analysis towards establishing best practices for the bioinformatics and biomedical domains, and provide a venue for causal analysis researchers to share and communicate their findings.

We are interested in any project where (a) causal knowledge is the ultimate goal, (b) causal structure is not assumed to be known, and (c) there is a connection to biomedicine and/or bioinformatics. Some examples of appropriate research topics are:

  • Development/improvement of automated causal discovery methods for biomedical data
  • Application or evaluation of automated causal discovery methods in the domain of biomedicine or bioinformatics
  • Causal effect estimation from biomedical data guided by data driven causal structure discovery
  • Predictive modeling applications in bioinformatics and biomedicine guided by causal structure discovery
  • Causal discovery leveraging combined information in prior knowledge, observational data and experimental data, and/or using data from multiple sources, measurement granularity, and data distributions

We are accepting both long and short papers. Long papers are maximum 8 pages and short papers are maximum 4 pages. Both paper types must use the IEEE BIBM format guidelines. Use the “conference” paper style, papers do not need to be blinded. Authors with an accepted long paper will give a short talk, while authors with an accepted short paper will present a poster. All accepted papers will be published in the proceedings of IEEE BIBM 2019.

Please feel free to contact the organizers for more information!